Year 4 learn the Saxophone

Today we have started learning our new instrument, the small Saxophone. We have learnt the names of the different parts and have put together a set of notes to compose a tune. We are looking forward to learning new notes and tunes in the next 10 weeks.

Y4 Violin Orchestra

Today Mrs Shedden’s Violin Orchestra performed an exciting concert to Year 2 and Mrs Whiteley’s Year 4 class. This was their first time in performing to an audience and showed great courage and confidence in their playing and singing.Well done Year 4!

We have had a great 10 weeks playing the violin and learning the different musical terms, notes and songs. We are looking forward to the Summer term where we will get our hands on a new instrument to master.


In year 4 we have been learning about road safety with Corrinna from Telford Travel. We spoke about the ways that we would keep safe when walking next to and across the road. We went on a walk around the local area to practise how to be safe when crossing a road. We made sure that we remembered how to keep ourselves safe by using the Green Cross Code – Stop, Look, Listen, and Think.

Making music.

This morning we have had an exciting opportunity to begin to learn to play the Violin. Mrs Barratt, a music teacher from Telford and Wrekin, will be coming into our class every Thursday until Christmas. We have learnt about dynamics, tempo and pitch as well as beginning to learn the names of the strings and the different parts of a violin. We have learnt how to hold the violin and have practised plucking.

Today’s Eco Council Meeting

The Eco Council’s current topic is Health and Well-Being.

During today’s Eco Council meeting we were joined by Louise, School Canteen Nutritionist.  The children participated in an Eatwell Guide workshop. By the end of the session the children were able to use the Eatwell Guide to help them to understand how to get a  balance of healthier and more sustainable food.

Eatwell Guide


Here are photos of children in years 2 – 6 participating in the Eatwell workshop.

IMG_0153 IMG_0159 IMG_0157




Successful completion of Bikeability Level 1


What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is a national standard cycle training programme designed to give cyclists the skills and confidence to cycle safely, in modern road conditions.

Congratulations to the children in year’s 3 and 4 that took part in Bikeability over the last two weeks.  They have successfully completed Level 1.  Well done!

Here you can see some photos of the children taking part.









Cycling Together

Why not start cycling together?

Riding bikes is a great family activity and you can help

support your child with their Bikeability training at the same time.

Choose a quiet place away from traffic –

the park is perfect, and start by practicing looking back over your shoulder and giving hand

signals whilst maintaining control of the bike. You could also help by showing them how to select the correct gear and use the brakes with control. Simply getting out and about on 2 wheels will improve your child’s confidence.

For more about cycling check out: