Year 6 children pass Level 3 Bikeability

Congratulations to the year 6 children who passed Level 3 Bikeability.  This is an intense practical cycling 2 day course run by Telford and Wrekin Road Safety.   Bikeability is a national standard cycle training programme designed to give cyclists the skills and confidence to cycle in modern road conditions.

Well done everyone!


Cycling Together

Why not start cycling together? Riding bikes is a great family activity

and you can help

support your child with their Bikeability training at the same time.

Choose a quiet place away from traffic – the park is perfect, and start by practicing looking back over your shoulder and giving hand

signals whilst maintaining control of the bike. You could also help by showing them how to select the correct gear and use the brakes with control. Simply getting out and about on 2 wheels will improve your child’s confidence.

For more about cycling check out:

Arts Week

We had a great time during Arts Week and had the opportunity to explore a variety of arts and craft techniques.

Throughout the week, Year 6 worked on a number of projects – both 2d and 3d.

We focused on paper craft, decoupage, working with felt fabric and painting.

  • We used paper craft to make 3d flowers through the art of folding scraps of wallpaper
  • We used decoupage to create 3d woodland animal heads – using scraps of paper
  • We used Felt fabric to create 3d flowers – using our 8 x table- to create a Woodlands hanging display
  • We explored colour mixing and different paint techniques to create a tree during the four seasons

Lots of children experienced arts and craft techniques that they had never used before and have expressed an interest in doing some of these techniques in the future.

Take a look at our photos.


Rich and Poor in Ancient Egypt.

This half term, we have been exploring Rich and Poor with Ancient Egypt. We have learnt about the daily life of a nobleman and compared that to a farmer – what a difference!!!! We know who we would have rather been!!

Reading Shirley Climo’s Ancient Cinderella has given us a further comparison – with a twist on the original fairy tale. Using this idea, we have written our own version of Fairy Tales within an Egyptian setting. Some of our stories are fantastic and a really interesting read and the children should be very proud of themselves.

We are looking forward to the Easter Holiday – completing our Homework and having a good rest ready for our SATs, which start on Monday 13th May.

Monday 13th = SPAG

Tuesday 14th = Reading

Wednesday 15th = Maths paper 1 (arithmetic) and paper 2 ( reasoning)

Thursday 16th = Maths paper 3 ( reasoning)

Spring 1

This half-term we are going to continue our work on Land of the Free.

We are going to be exploring the Titanic, Silent Movies and Martin Luther King.

Some of Year 6 are going to Arthog, which will be exciting.

We have Outdoor PE on a Friday afternoon. Please ensure the children have appropriate clothing and footwear.

Homework is as usual – it will be given out on a Friday and needs to be completed and in school by the following Thursday.

We are looking forward to an exciting half-term in Y6!


Anti-bullying week Y6

Anti-Bullying Week – Respect.

During this week, we have thought about what respect means, what it looks like and reflected upon a variety of disrespectful actions and scenarios. We have particularly looked at respecting differences and celebrated each other by sharing what we think is special about people in our class.  We have discussed embracing differences and what the world would be like if we were all the same. Throughout the session, we have looked at discrimination, diversity, equal opportunities, being inclusive and equality. Finally, we have discussed how a lack of respect can lead to bullying and reflected about dealing with this type of bullying.

Throughout this week, we will be reflecting upon ‘respect’ by studying the characters and their relationships with one another in the book Wonder by R J Palacio.