Today’s Assembly – Staying Safe in the Community

Last term the Woodlands Safeguarding Team met with Linda, our local CSO, to talk about how to stay safe in the local community.  The children discussed the concerns they have especially when allowed out alone.  Concerns included strangers, getting lost, bullying, running into gangs, exposure to alcohol and drugs and grooming.  Not all topics were covered in the assembly but will be discussed in the next meetings.

The Woodlands Safeguarding Team decided to research and deliver an assembly to share information on ‘how to stay safe when outside the home’.

Ellie-May spoke about what you should let your parent/carer know when out alone

  •  Say where you are going?
  •  Agree a time to come home
  •  What friends you will be with
  •  Always let your parents/carer know if anything changes

Taylor explained that when out alone you may need to know

  • Your full name
  • Your Address
  • The phone number for an adult/carer

Here is an example of a Safe Place ID card

Leo shared that “you need to make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.  You can even have a GPS App on it so a parent/carer can see where you are”.

Jamie spoke how children were worried about what to do if they were lost.

  • You can phone home for help
  • If you have no phone go to a safe place e.g. Shop, police station, community centre
  • If there is no safe place then go to an adult with a child and tell them:
  • You are lost and ask them to phone your parent or carer.

Savannah, Bryan, Lauren, Mackenzie, Keira and Ashton spoke about strangers.

  • A stranger is not always someone that you’ve never met e.g. seen them out and about before
  • A stranger is not always a scary angry person
  • A stranger can be someone that seems kind and friendly
  • A stranger can be a man or a women

Lauren explained not to be afraid to say ‘NO’ to a stranger. Yell ‘Help’ or ‘I don’t know you’ to get someone’s attention.

Ashton informed everyone that the One-Stop shop in Woodside is a local safe place in our area.

Locations advertise they are a Safe Place by displaying a sticker.

The Safe Place Scheme is designed to support the needs of adults with Learning Disabilities, but is appropriate for anyone who may become vulnerable whilst out and about.

Here is some more information about the Safe Place Scheme and how it works.

Safe Place Leaflet 1 Safe Place Leaflet 2






Thank you for your support at this year’s AGM. At this meeting we reported on the achievements of Friends of Woodlands over the last year, elected our new committee members and announced our initial plans for this school year.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us here is a quick summary of the headline:

  1. Achievements

* Halloween Disco:  £336

* Father’s Day: £76

* Summer Fair:  £927

*Christmas Activities:  £336

*Non-Uniform Day: £220

The following was spent by the FOW:

* Playground Markings

* Hamper Prize Money

* Year 6 Leavers Trip

*After School Provision – Toys

*Community Hampers

Costs for hosting events please see accounts

  1. Future Expenditure

Friends of Woodlands, School Council and all of the children will be voting to decide where current funds and future money raised this academic year will be spent.  Possible suggestions are as follows:

*RIDAN Composter

*’Quite area’ – Astro Turf and seating under the umbrella allowing more room on the playground

We are delighted with this achievement and want to thank you all for your support.  Friends of Woodlands put the “FUN into FUNdraising”

New Committee Members

The committee members for the following year elected at the AGM are:

Chair’s name:   Emma Moore

Vice’s name:   Jill Clinton

Secretary’s name:  Alison Cresswell

Treasurer’s name:  Sarah Hodson

Committee members’ names: 

Jayne Gurney                        Joseph Gurney                     Claire Saunders

Annette Smith                 Melanie Bray                             Sarah Hodson

Shirley Trow                          Mandy Vale                          Mandy Fisher

Leanne Sheldrick                Elle Shaw                           Allie Cresswell

Emma Moore                    Steve Bowers                           Debbie Astbury

Claire Saunders

Woodlands staff all support Friends of Woodlands PTA.

Please let us know if you would like your name and contact details adding to the list of members.

How you can get involved and become a committee member


There are lots of ways you can help and support your child through FOW.


Offering to help before events or at other times during the year is so valuable.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis, or even if you cannot come into school.  There are always jobs that can be done from home if you have half an hour to spare e.g. wrapping gifts, preparing raffle tickets etc.  We really couldn’t achieve what we do without the behind the scenes help that we receive.


If you would like to be more involved you can volunteer to be a Committee Member.  Any help you give to our association this year will directly benefit the children at Woodlands Primary School.

You can contact the PTA by email, through our website or using Friends of Woodlands PTA Facebook. Please take a note of these details and be in touch!

  1. PTA Plans and Events

Sweet Shop – Friday 15th February

Comic Relief – Friday 15th March

Spring Disco – Tuesday 26th March

Mother’s Day Surprise gift – week commencing 25th March

Easter Parade – Wednesday 10th April

Non-Uniform Day – Friday 24th May

Summer Fayre/Sports Day – Wednesday 26th June

Thank you for your support and we hope to see new parents/carers joining Friends of Woodlands this academic year.

Friends of Woodlands


Coffee Morning, incorporating the PTA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We hereby give notice of the AGM of the Friends of Woodlands PTA, to be held on Friday 1st February. The morning will commence at 9:00am with the PTA Annual General Meeting, followed by Coffee and biscuits in the Eco Lodge. We anticipate that the AGM should last approximately 20 minutes.


The PTA plays a vital part in the school community and all parents, as members of the PTA, are invited to support the AGM.  This is your chance to hear and see how the funds you have helped to raise have been used for the benefit of the children/students at our school.


The AGM is also an opportunity for you to elect the PTA Committee, to represent the association throughout the forthcoming academic year.  Nominations should be sent in advance of the AGM, for existing committee members willing to stand for re-election and for anyone wishing to stand as an Officer or Ordinary Committee Member, for the first time.




If you would like any further information about what is involved in being a Committee Member, please speak to Lynn Bailey or Jill Clinton. Before submitting your nomination form, please read the Charity Commission publication ‘The Essential Trustee – What you need to know’ (found through google).




Children at Woodlands Primary School were delighted to be asked to take part in the BBC ‘The One Show’ live broadcast on Monday 7th January, to mark the completion of the English Heritage’s project to renovate the Iron Bridge.

The children celebrated the re-opening of the Iron Bridge by walking across the bridge alongside the local community and were joined by a man-made elephant also crossing the bridge to replicate a previous publicity stunt to promote a circus. It was a memorable moment in history, of which we were proud to be part.

The Shropshire Star Reported

Crowds of children and their proud families gathered in Ironbridge to mark the end of the work on Monday evening, with the occasion broadcast live on the BBC’s One Show.

Cutting the ribbon and officially reopening the bridge was Michael Darby, great great great grandson of Abraham Darby III, who built the cast iron bridge in 1779.

Councillor Raj Mehta, mayor of Telford & Wrekin, said: “It’s a World Heritage Site on our doorstep and now it’s looking better than ever. It’s amazing to have so many people, especially all the children, here to celebrate the opening of this magnificent bridge.

Councillor Nicola Lowery, borough councillor for the Ironbridge Gorge said: “The atmosphere at the Iron Bridge was electric and it’s incredible to see the amount of families that have attended to mark the completion of this historic project.

Thank you to all those parents that took the time to attend the opening, enabling their children to take part in such a memorable event.


Christmas Hampers

A huge congratulations to Mrs Ellis class who won £160 for the best hamper competition.  It was a very hard decision made by the School Council as each class had put in a lot of effort in and they looked amazing.

Here you can see the pictures of all the hampers made by the children, parents and staff.


Congratulations to everyone that won prizes on our Christmas raffle.  People were very excited to win the hampers.  The raffle raised a fantastic £320!

Well done everyone!







Today the Woodlands Safeguarding Team visited Bennetts Care home to wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’.

The children enjoyed playing cards, dominoes and board games with the elderly residents.  Followed by a slice of Christmas cake and a glass of squash.

Here you can see the children setting up the toys before the residents joined them.


Some of the children played a tune on the piano which the residents thoroughly enjoyed!  We also got to meet the residents pet parrot.


Savannah said “It was nice to hear them talk about Christmas when they were younger.  The lady told me that Christmas decorations only came in a few colours not like today.”

Leo said “They were very kind”.

A Christmas hamper was donated to Bennetts House care home as the children wanted to give back to people in our local community.  Thanks to the JRSO ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ non-uniform donations we were able to purchase the items for the hamper.





Bradley (School Council Chair) and Lauren (Woodlands Safeguarding Officer) visited the Princess Royal Hospital last week to donate a Christmas hamper to the Children’s Ward.

Pupil Voice decided what they thought should go into the hamper and the items were then purchased using the ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ non-uniform donations.  We felt it was very important to give back to our community.

The ward were very grateful for the children’s Christmas hamper as they explained some children won’t be able to go home for Christmas and will enjoy playing with the toys.

Here you can see the Christmas thank you card given to Woodlands.

Thank you to Friends of Woodlands for helping to put the hamper together!