Woodlands Vision

We believe that children should develop respect for themselves, value the contributions of others and acquire the skills to succeed, in our ever changing society.   We understand children’s well-being is at the centre of everything thvaluesat we do and is fundamental to achieving success. We provide a secure and stimulating environment, that enables us to tailor learning, to provide children with opportunities to develop skills, critical thinking and explore concepts. This allows children to build their knowledge and understanding through learning that captures their interests and stimulates their imagination. Children that attend Woodlands extend their experience, knowledge, imagination and understanding so that they are able to realise their potential for learning and capacity for enjoyment, and achieve their full potential; gaining the best possible start to their educational life, leading to lifelong learning.

Woodlands Values

At Woodlands we know our children learn best through practical hands on learning opportunities; which enable them to experience learning in a meaningful way, a way that reflects their interests and needs. We want our learners to be sensitive to the needs of others, to have a sense of fairness and justice and an ability to value the contribution of each individual. We endeavour to encourage in every child, attitudes of tolerance, co-operation, perseverance, independence, respect and responsibility. Each child that attends Woodlands is valued as an individual and we aim to encourage and foster their development intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally within a caring atmosphere. We aim to develop lively and enquiring minds with the ability to question, to think and to apply themselves to tasks. We believe that this makes the school a caring community, with a high standard of behaviour in every area of school life and supports the development of a thoughtful, considerate attitude to others and a respect and tolerance of cultural diversity.



At Woodlands we aim to:

Work together in a supportive and challenging learning partnership

Offer a secure and stimulating environment

Offer experiences that enable children to learn in a meaningful way, a way that meets their individual needs

Develop children’s understanding of the needs and views of others

Learn through a wide range of opportunities that enhance their understanding of themselves and the wider world

Acquire skills and knowledge and develop critical thinking

Never give up; develop resilience and perseverance

Develop a positive self image; having high aspirations and a sense of respect for themselves

Successfully support children to reach their full potential in order to become, independent lifelong learners